Fresh Draught Beer

In Your Home

“Bag-in-box is ideal for beer as the bag encloses the product and keeps a carbon dioxide blanket around the product keeping it fresh and thus enhancing the shelf life. This is dependent upon keeping the beer at ‘cellar’ temperatures, if you raise the temperature to say 30C then the beer is ruined anyway and the bag will burst, if however the beer is kept cool, minimal amounts of gas are given off and the bag does the rest”.

Jigsaw – Specialist manufactures of the BiB system.   

Using your BiB

  1. Place box in a cool dry place with tap at the bottom of the cask. DO NOT leave the box stood on its end.

  2. Carefully remove the perforated section to access dispensing tap.

  3. Release excess pressure if any is present…but do not worry if the box expands a little. This is the carbon dioxide that the live beer is giving off.

  4. Place box in the flat serving position with a wedge under the back end of the box to aid dispense.

  5. Once in position try not to move the box, as this could cause the beer to becoming cloudy.

  6. Leave your box in the flat serving position and wait 24 hours to settle and gain clarity.

  7. Enjoy. Cheers!!

How To Pour A Proper Pint

Some customers can find it difficult to get a head on their pint. Ensure that your glass is clear of any residual washing up agent – this will kill any head instantly

A few of our brilliant patrons have experimented and gone that extra mile in pursuit of the pub like pint. They have kindly provided quick video tutorials so that you too try at home:


  • One customer suggestion is that you take a little of your beer out of your glass, whisk it up and pour on top to taste.

  • Alternatively, you could take a food grade syringe or spray bottle. Put in some beer and squirt hard into the bottom of your pint - works a treat!

  • If you want to go up-market - you can buy a hand pull and connector for the bag in box.

How Long Will Your Beer Last?

It’s all about storage!

Once opened your BiB should last 7 – 10 days but could last up to 3 weeks depending on the condition that it's kept in.  This is live beer so does need to be treat with some care! 

To extend the shelf life of your beer, store unopened BiB (and bottles of beer) in a cool, dark area away from direct sources of heat or light; too much exposure to light can cause unopened beer to develop an off taste. Store the beer at a temperature between 12c and 15c (colder than the typical room temperature, but warmer than a refrigerator) - if this is not possible, store the unopened beer in the refrigerator.

Properly stored, unopened beer will generally stay at best quality for several months, although it will usually remain safe to use after that. The brewery provide an indicative Best Before Date on each Box. This is not a safety date; it is our estimate of how long the unopened beer will remain at peak quality. The beer will be safe to drink after the "expiration" date on the package provided it is properly stored and the package is undamaged.

Storage times shown are for best quality only - after that, the unopened beer's colour or flavour may change, but in most cases, it will still be safe to consume if it has been stored properly. If unopened beer develops an off odour, flavour or appearance, it should be discarded for quality purposes.

(Sources: Based on information provided by StillTasty's Shelf Life Guide. For details about data sources used for food storage information, please click here )

How does it work?

After the beer has been conditioned and left to settle for several weeks at a constant temperature of 12ºC in our cellar, we fill each bag individually, and to order, with the beer of your choice.


The bag is a double lined food-grade bladder which is filled so that all oxygen has been expelled. This is important because we don’t want oxygen in there to spoil the beer later on! 


We then seal the bag with a red cap and ‘burp’ any excess air out.  As the live beer continues to condition you may need to ‘burp’ the bag yourself.  You will know when to do this as the bag will continue to balloon up – but don’t worry, they are very strong!


The bag is then put into a cardboard box and labelled with Best-Before dates, ABV and Beer Type.  It is then ready for you to receive and enjoy!


The red cap that we use, is a push-and-squeeze style dispenser. However, many of our customers have bought a VITOP adapter so that the beer can be connected to a beer line and drawn through a hand-pump in their home bar.  As the beer is taken from the bag a vacuum is created and the bag shrinks keeping it oxygen free. This means that your beer is kept fresh. The shelf live of your beer is enhanced as it is kept fresh, oxygen free and lasting longer.

Porter BIB .2.jpg

Why Not Keg?


Beer stored in a "Bag in a Box":

  • Lasts up to 8x longer than a cask or mini-keg once opened.

  • Preserves quality and flavour.

  • Does not develop the 'off' flavours because it doesn't come into contact with oxygen.

  • More economic packaging means you can buy more beer for less.

  • Environmentally friendlier.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry.