Built With Elland In Mind


Elland Craft & Tap is the result of sitting down for a proper chat with lots of people in Elland. We asked what they love and what they don't love about pubs, so that C&T could be something everyone wanted it to be.

This was the result:

Somewhere you can feel safe.

Somewhere you can get a proper beer. 

Somewhere you can talk to each other.

Somewhere you can be comfortable.

Somewhere you can drink something you haven't tried before.

Somewhere you can get authentic Yorkshire drinks and snacks.

And we're not done yet. This micropub is still evolving, and it's doing so with your help. Your ideas are always welcome, so keep 'em coming!

Championing Local Causes


We're proudly a part of this community, and as such take every opportunity to support local causes.

Right now we're working on a series of fundraising events to raise money for a local defibrillator, as there currently isn't one in Elland!

Special thanks also have to go to our partners in this cause - the Elland Round Table Group who are providing match-funding when we reach our target!